Friday, September 17, 2010

World Cup fosters South African National pride

South Africa's rich cultural kaleidoscope has historically included art, dance, literature, music, and theater but now they proudly add the title of hosting the 2010 World Cup games.  To some the world cup games are just another sporting event but to South African’s it represents much more.  This national and cultural pride was revitalized primary by the immense efforts of the South Africa's National Arts Council (NAC), FIFA and other international organizations

"[The South African flag is..]not as a symbol of a political party, nor of a government, but as a possession of the people - the one thing that is literally and figuratively above all else, our flag". - Nelson Mandela

The significance of this song to be able to promote and instill a strong sense of national and cultural pride is astonishing.  Modern information and communication technologies combined with South Africa's unique culture helped to spark not only gave South Africans a new national identity but also showed the world that their nation is a nation of diversity that is South Africa.  Coming from such a torn past of apartheid and segregation where many saw nationalism as a entity that conflicted with their own distinct cultural identity, South African's now have their own identity that they not only share among themselves but with the entire world.

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