Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank You Fitzgerald and Ms. Daisy

In response to James Carey’s article A Cultural Appraoch to Communication where he highlights a method of communication used in The Great Gatsby I have attempted to manage (not simplify--thank you Carey) my own space.I’ve designed a map from two important places on campus--the squishy room (our lovely classroom) and the gym.

Mapping the course from the gym to class blindfolded.

Exiting through the double doors to the outside,
you will inevitably hear someone frustratedly attempting to push the pull entrances.
Your nose will lead you in the right direction
Follow the wafting favors of terriyaki, fries, and even a hint of coffee at times.

Continue past the enticing aroma of calories
and stop when you hear the whizzing sound of a bike going by,
or the blaring radio of someone who is speeding away--late to class.
I say stop, because as you realize, if you do not, you will presumably be hit by one of these vehicles.

Take a step down and cross the street.
Continue at a 10:00 trajectory, you will soon have to stop scuffling your feet and take a step up onto the sidewalk.
6 paces of stairs.
Turn right.
Another 6 to go.

You will now feel the cooling shade of sandwiching buildings,
and if it is night, you will understand that your journey is on course if your nostrils tense up due to the cloud of smoke you just walked through. Yes, the smell of stress.

Onward ho! You will soon be passing sewer grates--if it was a grid-top you would get the heated sensation, at times, embarrassingly enough, powerful enough to lift a skirt. Make a quick left, before you stumble into one of American’s many lovely gardens.

However, don’t stray too far away from the smell of the flowers, as you essentially should be hugging this fixture. Once you’re 1/2 around the garden--from where you started--begin to veer straight. You’ll feel the looming presence of an old building (casting both shadows and pouring humidity). Near the edge of the right front wall you will find a double door. Pull it open and before you’re three strides in the building you’ll already be on the downward slope of stairs.

At the bottom, feel your way to the Alice and Wonderland door (which fortunately for you, will already be open, so you won’t have to eat or drink anything). Turn Left. Continue 25 paces down the hall. You’ll know that you’re nearing your destination as the floor becomes weaker as you approach. Enter the room on the right hand side and you will enter the swampy carpeting of the EQB.

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